Mar 13, 2012


It's Tuesday night, and like many other nights of the week I'm hitting refresh on Aesop's job listing page and waiting for something to pop up. Being a substitute teacher is nice and all, I work only days I want to and there's nothing for me to work on once I get home (plus I'm home before 3:30!).

But job consistency is not there. There have been days when there wasn't a job when I wanted one, and then other days where the only jobs available are assignments I don't want. Really, when the class room is filled with students who are all in wheelchairs and need to be feed, lifted, and changed and I have no training in that I'm very hesitant to take an assignment out of fear I'll do something wrong and injure a student. Granted, I don't have the training to handle a class of first graders either (in Michigan, you only need 90 college credits to be a sub), but the worse that happens then is I have a loud class.

Really, I would like something where I can count on a consistent paycheck.

I'd also love consistent writing.

I'm totally a binger. When I get an idea and start writing, I'll go for two or three days, churning out over 10K words and shortchanging myself on sleep. And then abandon it for weeks. Or months. Or...years. There's that short story, complete with my professor's comments on it, that I have left from Primus, three years ago?

I've been trying to trick my binges, purposefully cutting myself off in the midst of a good part to encourage me to come back the next day. But it doesn't always work, and I have to remind myself that I have a document to open and work on. And because I binge with new ideas first and foremost, I have...oh dears, 10 WIPs in a variety of stages? Maybe more, I can't remember all of them XD. I've developed this habit of keeping Word open all the time, and that seems to help. But still, I'm terrible at keeping up a consistent writing schedule and would love advice on how you guys manage it.

In other news, I've been gifted the Liebster Award from Sara at Cutest Landing! Sara, despite her thoughts of other wise, has great posts that make me smile all the time due to her humor. Go check her out!

This award is special and shows loves for blogs that have less than a hundred followers. I'm forwarding this on to three wonderful bloggers who are new to the Fulfilling Dreams community and all deserve a look.

Darcy at Luncay and Anchor
Daniel Noyes
Jodi Su at 52 Weeks


  1. Whoa! Thank you very much, Gwen! What an unexpected and delightful surprise.

  2. Thanks for the award. Much appreciated.

  3. I couldn't stop writing when I'm in full flow. Even with copious notes, I'd still be stuck the next day. I have to write to exhaustion and know I've got everything out, in the way I wanted it.

    I can relate to the teaching, as well. Hubby's a musician by night, but he has to substitute teach by day to make ends meet. The phone will always ring on the morning he's only had 4 hours sleep, and there'll be no work when he wants it. BUT, it is a good source of income!

  4. I hear you on the job security front. I'm at the point where I'd take anything, but there's just nothing. I'm either over-qualified ('you'll just leave when you get a better offer') or too old - I need more money than a seventeen year old apparently.
    I hope you find something soon.

  5. Thank you! What a treat :)! Super appreciated!!

  6. Ugh! Consistency is so hard. Yet, I'm not one of those I have to write a certain amount of time a day. I just don't have time. What I do is when I'm writing a book, I consistently write everyday for however long I can handle. If I editing, I do the same. If I've got my work out with betas/cps I take a break. If I don't give myself a break then I go crazy. Sounds weird, I know. All authors find there own writing pulse. Hmmm. I think I might write a blog post about this.