Feb 7, 2012

Proof Lina's a keeper

I have never, never won anything for my writing. I've entered contests to no avail, and to be honest didn't feel that bad about not placing. I entered, and that's more than some people do. So I was really, really tickled (actually, enthusiastic and getting sushi to celebrate! I swear, people are giving me strange looks in the lab as I smile at random intervals) to see that I placed for the flash fiction blog hop I wrote for last month. Kinda funny how it was Lina I wrote about, and now I'm blogging about her in the I'm Hearing Voices Blogfest. Maybe it's a sign, that I really do need to write her story. First up though, get rid of the kinks!

Thanks very much Lille, Angie, Daniel, and Angela for creating such an awesome blog fest!


  1. Definitely a character to persue, especially if you're compelled to write about her. I missed your story, so I've just had a quick read - very atmospheric and lots of questions that just need a novel to answer them! Well done.

    1. Eh, maybe a novella. But I'm so happy to have a character I want to get involved with after not having one for awhile.