Feb 15, 2012

Could I live with the Muppets? ...Nope. Don't think I could.

I wouldn't say I'm a gym bunny, but I do try to work out. Mostly it's in my basement (cuz it's free XD) but on Tuesdays I like to go to the gym on campus after class for a change in pace.

To be honest, it's not that spectacular of a gym. The tiny track (and I mean tiny, 16 laps = a mile) encompasses it all but the locker rooms and a room for classes. But the guy you check in with always makes me smile.

Yesterday, he asked everyone who walked by 'What movie would you like to live in?'

I was all prepared to answer with my favorite, Lord of the Rings, when I realized that if I actually lived in Middle Earth I'd probably not last very long XD

So then I thought, oh Harry Potter wouldn't be bad, but while my survival rate would be higher I'm not really that confident with it. I find Wii remotes really sensitive, I don't know if I could master the 'swish and flicker' motion need for certain spells. Also, I'd probably mispronounce all the spells.

To be honest, I still can't think of a good movie I'd like to live in. One adventurous, but not overly dangerous. Or maybe a romantic comedy, because they have a high survival rate and the possibility I'd actually find a guy is also good. But I don't watch rom-coms and thus have no idea which one is good for me.

Hopefully, you guys aren't as indecisive as me. What movie could you spend the rest of your life in?

Also, congratulations to Rek from A Chronicle of Dreams for winning a copy of Annalisa Crawford's Cat and the Dreamer!


  1. I would still pick Harry Potter, I want to be a wizard so bad! But if I had to pick a Rom-Com I would choose Hitch, becasue It's just so funny and romantic :)

  2. I would also pick Harry Potter - I would be SO happy in that world!

  3. Harry Potter does sound like a good movie to live in, but the first movie that actually popped into my head was The Little Mermaid. BUT only if I could be a mermaid. lol

  4. I'd chose Sliding Doors and have lots of different realities!

  5. I would pick Harry Potter and make sure I befriend Hermione :)

  6. I'd pick Cold Mountain, but I'd have to be Ada and the film would have to end at the part where I make love with Jude Law in the shack in the snow because it just gets too sad after that! In fact, maybe I'd have it freeze-framed at that part...

  7. This is a great question! I would totally pick North and South! I love the dresses, my hubby would look HOT dressed in a cravat, I could write all day...but I will admit I would miss air conditioning.

  8. Hi there :o)

    As part of the Writers Platform Building Campaign I'm tagging you. Please don't feel obligated to take part though. Your list of 11 questions is on my blog.


    Nice to meet you by the way ;o)