Jan 3, 2012


I wrote a poem listing my goals for last New Years, partly for the creative writing class I was in and partly because once I started thinking of things I wanted to do I couldn't stop. I pulled it out about Christmas time, and was slightly sad to see how many things I haven't done. One of the first ones was to go dancing in a thunderstorm, how could I have not done that? I'm sure there were plenty of opportunities, but I never grabbed them...

That's something I hope to do this year, is to do things just because and not let opportunities pass me by.

Of course, I also plan to write like mad. But that's not really a New Years Resolution. Nowadays, that's just part of my life XD

I do however, have a definite goal. I'm going to walk/run to Mordor, because I'm never going to get the motivation to run unless it's for something geeky and competitive (even if it's just self competitive). Eowyn Challenge has a break down of the mileage and the scenery I should be coming across as I go along, and I'll be keeping track of my distance on a fitness site with others on the journey, and perhaps a widget here if I can find a good custom one. Any suggestions?