Jan 9, 2012

I be back

I finished two books, huddled up on the couch with an ice pack to my cheek. I finally read The Hunger Games, and then finished that social politics book that I've been picking at since September. It's not a riveting read or anything, but still interesting. Maybe because I was immediately internalizing it as culture that would effect someone who grew up in that time period. Seriously, I look at so many things and stick them in the back of my mind as something to use for a future character or situation. For that reason alone, I recommend you all read a non-fiction book about the era your story is set in - character research.

Root canals aren't as bad as I thought they would be, and I'm all set to go back into the swing of things. With another blog fest ^_^ I had such a good time with the Killer Characters one I did back in the Fall that I couldn't resist the draw of another one. So come February, I'll be doing the I'm Hearing Voices! character blogfest co-hosted by Cassie at Reading, Writing, and Loving it! and Angie at Live to Write...Edit When Necessary. Last time, I kinda rushed and wrote posts the day of instead of scheduling them (because I never do), but it might be a good thing to prewrite these. Goodness, that means I have to settle on a character. That'll be hard.

Also, have any of you checked the results of Emily's survey? There's some interesting things. Like apparently reviews are really boring to read. Which is true, but apparently no one likes them and I know my knowledge of books on the market comes mainly from reviews I see. Or titles. I know they say never to judge a book by it's cover, so I usually don't, but I scan the shelves for good, interesting titles instead. I think that's the writer in me, as opposed to the artist.


  1. I always mean to read some non-fiction, and never get around to it. Politics, sociology and philosophy would be perfect... one day.

    Glad your feeling better after the root canal.

  2. Reading helps me get through many a dental exam;) Groovy blog:)

  3. I must admit I don't read book reviews very often unless they are of a book I was actually thinking of buying or by an author I like. Just a matter of not having enough time to spare! Glad your root canal work wasn't as bad as you'd thought!

  4. I too am not keen on book reviews. I do enjoy blogfests though and I haven't heard of the I'm Hearing Voices one. I shall go over and investigate.

  5. Yay! so excited for the blogfest! And I thought Emily's survey was awesome. Really helped me with my blogging schedule for the year :)