Jan 12, 2012

Can I have a drink, please?

This week was not supposed to be so hectic. Or so problematic. And by week I essentially mean Tuesday and Thursday, with a little bit of Wednesday. Still doesn't mean I'm happily expecting the weekend. Especially with talks of snow.

As I'm still living at home and unsuccessfully making a living through writing or finding a career, I find myself eventually bending to my parents' wills. This winter, it's going back to school. I was actually looking forward to it, because I do love learning and for some reason the satellite campus of my alma matter near home has more practical classes than my original uni and I can't wait to take them. If I can't find a job, at least I can futher prepare myself for one.

But the issues are what program to enroll in and getting into classes. Because most of the ones I want/need are closed or waitlisted. And I refuse to take classes everyday. I only want to take them twice a week, to save on gas. Even if I have to cuddle up in a sub par coffee shop for three hours between classes.

I've also determined that taking a math class after four years of not going near numbers might be a bad idea. After my first day of classes, I studied for three hours. And then another two last night, and one (so far) today. I swear Calculus 1 will be the death of me.

If my mouth doesn't do that first. Cuz apparently it hates me. I'm still finishing up the aftermath of my root canal. The tooth needs a crown, but I had to go to someone else for that and the price is more than the root canal! I needed an appoint for getting a mold of my teeth, which instead of taking one hour took three and I missed my first two classes on my first day. The mold had to be taken four times (in that awful back tooth spot) and because my gum wouldn't do what she wanted it to, the dentist put a laser in my mouth and cut part of it off. Needless to say, I was very, very still.

But of course, the true crown needs to be made in a lab and won't be ready for two weeks so I got a temporary one. Which is one of a factory default size. Which my mouth was like, 'eh, we don't want it' because I apparently swallowed it today at lunch. And I didn't even realize it was gone until I ran my tongue along that section of my mouth.

Gah! I'm racking up dental bills left and right (and it's not even a month into the New Year!) and now that I'm taking classes my work days are diminished and my paychecks smaller. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket. Even if the government takes half of it away in taxes it'll be more than I see at once.

At least I discovered a coffee bar near home that I think I'll become a regular at and use that as my 'Gwen will only do writing stuff' time. Because I've already seriously been falling behind on both of the writing projects I've embarked on this year.

Sorry if this seems rantish, but writing is such a release for me. And I had to do something while my kettle was boiling.


  1. Ouch. I seriously hate going to the dentist so you have my sympathy.

    Sometimes life just seems to get in the way of writing doesn't it? Do what you can, when you can and suddenly you will see yourself further along than you anticipated. Hoping your weekend is better.

  2. I really feel for you over the dentist stuff. I usually don't mind going to the dentist, but I had a hygenist appointment last year who was so bad I had a panic attack in the chair - a first for me, and something I don't want to repeat!

    I hope the coffee shop writing goes well - in my more romantic moments, I often dream of having somewhere like that to write.