Dec 28, 2011


I'm back!

I do apologize for being gone from my blog and your guys' so long. I'll never be able to catch up on your blogs.  But if there's anything I learned from NaNo is that if you fall out of the habit of blogging, it almost slips your mind entirely and it hard to get back on track.

My excuses, mainly the holidays. Which included lots of cookie baking, gift making, joining a Christmas choir, shopping, and driving to go collect the family.

Editing on my NaNo, or at least finishing that conclusion? Didn't happen.  But I've been thinking about it on and off and keep flitting to the idea of deleting a character as the main reason why I had her exist, be a moral compass to my MC, she failed at.  I found her to be the more interesting character, but my MC has a better story...needless to say it needs work.

A lot of my pieces do.

And that's not the only thing. For wanting to be in marketing, I've been making a silly mistake.

See, I've been blogging here on this site  using my real name.  But I actually write under a pseudonym. (Go ahead, google 'Jenny Johnson', I can pretty much guarantee that what comes up isn't me. Unless you're a stalker and have visited my google profile pages wa~y to many times.)  And in my little dinky cover letters I've been sending out with stories I'm give the URL for this blog. By which I'm known as a different name. Not the smartest thing I've ever done (though I admit I've done worse, let's not go there, shall we?).

Which means this blog is also going to go magically *poof* and get a bit of a make over come the new year. New colors, slightly different posting of topics and maybe consistent updating? I'm not making a resolution of it or anything, but we'll see how it goes.

See you all next year! (aka, next week ^_~)


  1. Fun stuff! can't wait to see what the new year brings :)

  2. Well, it's the perfect time to make changes. Good to see you back :-)

  3. Oh, it feels so good to be back. I missed you guys.

  4. It sounds as though you had a good Christmas Jenny. I'm a bit confused about the Pseudonym thingy but I look forward to seeing the changes here. Here's to a great 2012!

  5. I can't think of a better time to start fresh and make changes. Good luck. New follower here so I look forward to seeing your changes (not that your blog needs any) it is great as it is.