Nov 7, 2011

Thumbs Up for the Week


I've done NaNo twice before (you can follow my progress and read the first 500 words for this year on my NaNo Profile), but each time it's been different. 

At school, it was me putting off essays and friends to write, with weekly write ins of four of us. 

In New Zealand, it was a mass group of us, say 11, every time we met twice a week and it was social!  Most of the people I still keep in contact with in NZ are writers - NaNo for sure helped me settle into the country.  Having write-ins at bars probably helped...

And this year is even better!  I've met so many people, and there are write ins for my region every day.  Not that I go to them all, my region is large enough that some are over an hour away, but we have our own chat room so I can virtually be at them and do word wars.

Word wars are new to me this year.  Jennie B (cuz I met so many other Jenny's last month XD), also pointed me in the direction of #warmongering on Twitter, but I haven't jumped on that yet.  But it's essentially the same.  For a determined amount of time, everyone just writes and then word count for the 15, 20, or 30 min is compared.  There's only bragging rights awarded online, but for in person write ins, we get cookies as prizes ^_^.   They're a huge help in getting my word count for the day. 

I'm actually doing surprisingly well, I hit 15K earlier today, all on one story!  The past two years, I've just done a bunch of different stories that added up to 50K, but this year I'm bound and determine to actually have a novel under my belt.  Things were rough about 10K, very rarely do my stories get past that because at that point my interest in the story starts waning.  It's no longer new, and with the simple idea I built my short stories around they usual end about there.  But everyone I talk to, either in person or online is very encouraging.  Having an outline, a personal goal, and an online stat checker that I look at so often that when I type 'n' in the address bar it's the third drop down option help greatly.

But I'm still rather concerned if my outline will last me 50K. I'm already about 2/3rds through it :/

So, NaNo has been wonderful to me this week, and other things have been good to.  Still no 'career job', but I did get medical clearance for the Peace Corps. Nothing official on an assignment though.

And Fritz, who's in my writing group (which I really need to get back to, after November of course, no time to travel that far with words to write!), announced that he's going to release his self published book next month.  I'm actually really excited for it.  It's called Dispensing Justice and is a YA alternate history 80s superhero book (he's releasing sample chapters if you guys want to go read a few.  Not my fellow WriMos, though - go write!).  I've gone through it a couple of times, while he read it for the group and as a beta, and devoured it every single time.  I mean, I knew what was coming obviously, but still enjoyed reading it cover to cover (um, beginning to end, it didn't have a cover at that point XD).  I'm totally buying a copy, maybe more to give away as Christmas gifts, because I know of others who'd like it too.

All this self-publishing....

But I'm bound and determined to give the traditional route a chance to pick up my work!  I got another rejection via e-mail yesterday, but it also said they really liked my work and hope I have something to submit for their next issue. Which is kinda good? I mean, I submitted to them a literary story, and all my other edited, okay-to-send-out options are SF/F.  Not quite sure that's what they'll want.

In other news, I heard about a vaccine for cavities. It's not around now, for several reason which is sad cuz I could totally use it, but my novel is SF...but I really don't know how to fit that into my story.  Kids on revenge streaks don't think about a trip to the dentist.


  1. Hi Jen - sounds like you're getting on well! I like the vaccine for cavities idea - maybe you can twist it and use it as a punishment... to create painful cavities!!
    I'm off now to read your 500 words on your nano profile.
    Keep it up :-)

  2. You're doing amazing!! I'm feeling the same doubts about writing 50,000 words, but we'll just have to wait and see how it all turns and out and never give up! My region is an hour away so I won't get to go to any write-ins but they sure sound fun :) The twitter thing is actually #wordmongering and you go or 30 mins at the top of the hour, your not really competing but it's still motivational to know other people are out there supporting you!

  3. That is great that you got some positive feedback, it is always useful for us. Take it on board and submit again!

    Lots of luck with Nano. It's not something I could do, I tend to take things at the pace I'm capable off. Wishing you all the best though. I look forward to seeing how you're doing :)