Nov 21, 2011

This is the first time I've ever thought of writing fiction as work

I started NaNo so well, I really did.  I somehow, miraculously, I was doing 2K a day. But once I hit about 30K things went downhill.  Probably because that was when I hit the end of my plot.  For revenge stories, you'd figure getting it would be the climax, not the halfway point :/ Before I knew it, writing had somehow turned into a chore. There were a couple of days I was even luck to get 500 words done.

And now, my novel just feels like a mess and it's as if I'm trudging through thigh high snow. And there totally was a sex scene that wasn't supposed to happen. And somehow I feel as if my characters switched bodies. The one who has had minimal human contact for 10 years should be the stoic one with emotional difficulties.


What I really want to do, is work on different writing projects.  I've never spent so much time focused on a piece - ever and it's just this one I'm tired of and not writing in general (which is the best thing ever, cuz if I got sick of writing I'd be a couch potato...well, without the laptop). But I know this month not being a walk in the park is what will make NaNo's achievement sweeter once I actually hit 50K. There's not much left now, and I'm determined to muscle through it. Even if it means turning into a computer zombie.  I swear, most of my month has been me staring at the blinking line in Word. Or the brick wall of the local coffe shop.

I did manage to take a little NaNo writing break.  I played journalist and interviewed a professor about his involvement in the up coming Mars mission.  It was fun, and the two days afterword my word count wasn't that pitiful.

Hopefully the bit of fun to be had later this week over Thanksgiving will help me push through to the end.

I hope my fellow WriMos are all doing well!  This is the month we all die and come back to life...why aren't we doing this in conjecture with Easter?


  1. I'm torn between encouraging you to finish it, because I know you want to, and suggesting you give yourself a break from it and write something else.

  2. This totally happened to me too. I'm a slow writer so 50K is so hard for me. I made it to around 20K and realized my conflict was all wrong. I needed to change it or everything I plotted would be a waste. I took off a week to figure it out, now there is no way I will finish. Oh well :)

  3. Looking at your word count on the right, you're so close to the end, less than 10,000 and still another week to go. :-)

  4. @Sarah - I was flirting with the idea of doing both, but that would probably doom me ;_; I'm hoping more frequent reading breaks (there's bound to be good book sales on Friday) will help.

    @Angela - Oh no! But at least you fixed your plot. That's super important.

    @Annalisa - Yes, I am really close, but it's still a struggle to finish it. You'd think I'd get a homestrech power wind. Maybe when I get 45K.

  5. I feel exactly the same as Sarah. Part of me wants to remind you that really it's a self-imposed deadline. Nobody is going to be demanding a refund on a large advance pay cheque if you don't get it done on time. On the other hand you took on the challenge and I can understand you want to complete it.

    It's true though that writing is just another job. When I had a deadline for my recently published Children's History Book it started to become a chore but I had no choice.

    Sorry, I've not been much help, have I!

  6. Hope it's still going well. I've left an award for you on my blog - when you get to 50k you can have a look... lol, ok, you can look any time!

  7. I say do what you really want to do. Writing is writing. As long as you're working on a project, you're good. If NaNo isn't helping, then don't do it! Granted, my two cents might not be worth much. :D

  8. I'm wondering how you've done Jenny?

  9. Thanks for all your words guys. I did it!