Nov 1, 2011

Guess what?

It's NANOWRIMO!  Which means crazy periods of me being unsocial.  Don't expect too many posts or comments from me guys, sorry. It most likely also means little sleep.  Or the reintroduction of naps in my life, depending on my word count.

My goal this year is to actually write a novel.  While I've participated the past two years it's always been a collection of short stories that add up to 50K.  This year, I want it to be all part of a continuous plot.  Hopefully.  I don't know if my plot is complex enough to carry me that far.

Funny thing about that, I lost my plot -_-'  I spent days (off and on, I didn't actually spend over 24 hours) working on my outline, and I had a bunch of character and world notes too on the collection of paper in my purse that I carried to a bunch of places.  So of course it goes missing this morning.  I don't usually write with an outline, but short stories are, well, short enough where I don't need something elaborate and three points in my head are easy to keep and expand into 8K.  I kinda need that written plot, especially since I planned when to drop clues about my mystery/crime portion of it.  I'm hoping it pops up soon.

But even without that, it was a good writing day.  I hit the average word count per day, and my write-in had a bunch of people in it.  I like writing amongst large crowds in coffee shops.  I'm sure I've mentioned before the feeling you get writing in the company of other writers.  There's nothing quite like it.  Plus, you can have word sprints ^_~


  1. Eek! I hope you find your plot soon :-)

  2. 50k without a plot - nah, it's easy! (says the woman who isn't even trying). Good luck with it.

  3. @Sarah - I'm reconstructing it in my head. So far so good!

    @Annalisa - you know, the official writing book of NaNo is No Plot, No Problem! I'm sure it's easy to write 50K without a plot, but the editing afterward has got to be awful.