Oct 11, 2011

Software developers, steal this idea

I meant to update yesterday, but life got crazy, and while I don't feeling like doing it today either (twas my first day as a subsitutie teacher and when the assignment says paraprofessional in a office, you think paper pusher, not helper in a special education classroom) I know that as soon as I skip a week I'll never return and that's bad.

I've decided that what I need is a sticky electronic post it note.  My mac already has a post-it widget, but I can't see them unless I bring up the widget dashboard and really, when does anyone do that? In order to get things down I need a little personal check list that is always on my screen in a corner somewhere.  It has to be on top of my Firefox windows, over my iTunes, and never go away until I check off every little box with a weekly task.  Only then will I actually do everything for once I feel. I would totally pay money for it.

But I did get things done.  I managed one article, and had a huge brainstorming/world building session with my idea bouncer for my NaNo novel.  This is idea has been flitting around in my head for two years, so I'm excited just to actually start on it.  But research first!  What do you guys know about schizophrenia? Or hive minds? Or mind reading?  I'm beginning to feel like I maybe should have started researching earlier...

Then again, I do tend to over research.  For the purpose of writing and creative license, I'm sure a half hour on Wikipedia would be enough.

I updated two of my other blogs, better than last time, though still slow.  I really need to sit down with an indie movie and review it.  I updated my rejection counter on this site, and while attempted to resubmit a story found out that the markets I want to submit it too are temporarily closed.  So while that's one thing off my October plate, that's another on my November one. Not sure how to feel about that...

So, for next week:
  • figure out plot outline for NaNo novel, maybe come up with a name?
  • publish two articles
  • update all three non-writing blogs
And also work on my Halloween costumes. I need to go find spray paint. 


  1. I use the Sticky Notes on Office 2010. They're on my desktop, but get hidden when I open software. I always see them when I log on, and they are my to-do list. I also use Outlook to record my tasks, which I see everytime I check my emails.

    Or, perhaps you could just hang a notebook around your neck. It would be so cumbersome you'd be itching to get to the end of your to-dos!

  2. The notebook necklace could work...but I'd probably never wear it XD But I like that Outlook feature. I use Mail however. I wonder if it has a similar feature.

  3. I have open office - I'm going to see if I can find Annalisa's sticky notes :-)

    And all I know about hive minds is what Star Trek and the Borgs taught me :-)

  4. Well, sounds like I'll have to rewatch some Star Trek episodes then!

  5. That's a lot you have going on! Will you be substituting at the same time?
    Good luck reaching your goals!

  6. Of course I'm still subbing, writing doesn't pay the pills yet.