Oct 18, 2011

News Prompts

I remember listening to an author interview, oh a year ago, and she said that her book grew out of a bit of news she stumbled upon.  The news, she said, was something that always gave her if not full out story plots, then simple ideas to wiggle in at least.

I've never really felt a similar vibe from the news.  It's always rather bland to my storytelling self, but then a story came up on the news last night - a father taught his 9 year old daughter to drive because he was always drunk.

I live in a messed up area. :/

But anyway, can you see all the potential in that? The character studies, the local gossip that would happen, and the events leading up to such a thing.  I'm not saying I'll use it anytime soon, but it'll crop up in something I'll write in the future, I'm almost positive.


  1. I wish I could say that news story shocked me, but these days...

    On a more cheerful note, I have a folder on my pc stuffed full of news stories. They're for when I run out of ideas. it hasn't happened yet, but you never know.

  2. Yeah, I'm having a hard time being truly shocked recently too. Still, I may have to start a folder too.

  3. I've never thought to use the news for inspiration. It's a good idea for those 'blank page' moments.

    I don't think that news story was shocking; he was just displaying creative thinking! Have problem: solve problem :-)

  4. Oh dear, shouldn't laugh! Poor little girl! But it is great story seed...

  5. Annalisa - you're a hoot.

    Linda - it is a great seed, isn't it. Ever since I've seen it, I've been paying closer attention to local news for other treasures. Apparently a community got rid of most of it's street lights to reduce costs. There could be dangerous repercussions of that.