Oct 20, 2011

Happy National Day on Writing!

Yes!  We all know writing is absolutely fabulous and deserves it's own special day.  Though we slave away to plot bunnies any day of the year.  Seriously, I've been binge writing the past couple of days, to the point where I was up late enough one night where I slept in for my office job...

The New York Times is encouraging people to tweet with the hash tag #whyiwrite to explain what drives them to the page. There's some pretty goods ones out there, and I'm particularly fond of the answer 'because I'm too old to pole dance'.

Personally, I write because if I don't, real life goes askew. When I was in school ideas would flood my mind and I couldn't concentrate on lectures or writing essays because thoughts would constantly be in the back of my mind. They still do that, invading my dreams and causing me to space out during the day to figure out how things work in my worlds.  Maybe it's a discipline problem, but I'm also pretty positive it's related to my binging.

I have to write things down, so I can clear my mind of ideas and all connected thoughts and continue on with what I need to do.  And if that takes staying up late, writing for hours, it'll happen. For my own mental health, I can't not write.

Of course, there's all the things that attracted me to writing to begin with.  I can create so much: characters, plots, cultures and worlds. It's a heady, powerful, I-am-God feeling that I never got when I used to do RPGs. It's an art form, and enjoyable, to find the right words to express something. And I love being able to make people I've never met feel things, to connect us with a simple story.

All of that has just, very simply made me addicted to writing. And I don't mind at all.


  1. I love your reasons for writing, and the fact that you are so clear about them.

  2. Your reasons sound very similar to mine. I often wonder why people 'don't' write - it does make much more sense to do it!

  3. Your reasons for writing are similar to my own. Thank you for sharing this! I think it's awesome that the NY Times has a hash tag for today. Very cool.

  4. Those reasons sound perfect! I hadn't heard about this hashtag. Thanks for sharing:)

  5. Like Sarah, I'm impressed with how clear your mind is regarding your reasons for writing. The only reason I can think of is to keep my head full of thoughts about my wip and stop the horrid thoughts entering my head in the night.

  6. Connecting with people. That is an awesome reason to write. It's nice to meet you. You have a great blog!

  7. Sarah - why thank you! Though it took a lot of thinking to come up with something that clear.

    Annalisa - I know! Writing makes the world go round.

    E.R King - I think so to. I don't really pay that much attention to the Times, but if the do stuff like this I should pay more attention.

    Deana - No worries! That's what community is for.

    Rosalind - I'm probably so clear because I psycho-analyze myself a lot. It's a weird habit I have when I'm bored in someplace with out a book.

    Nisa - Why hello there Nisa! Thanks for coming over and saying hi.