Oct 24, 2011

Frodo wouldn't have gotten very far without his Sam

Today begins the Killer Character Blogfest, hosted by E.R. King and Deana Barnhart.  And I'm super excited because this I didn't forget I signed up for a blogfest! Yay!

Today we're to talk about our favorite literary supporting characters.  At first I thought Jubilee from the x-men (yeah, I watched the cartoon, but it's a comic too and that's a literary thing!) but then I remembered the only reason I really liked her when I was younger was she made fireworks.  Not excatly the markings of a super-awesome-killer character, don't you agree?

But, I absolutely love the Lord of the Rings.

There's not much to Frodo, aside from Elijah's wood face once the movies came out, but Sam has always struck me as a character that needs more love. 

What's so amazing about Sam is how vital he is to the plot, simply by supporting Frodo. Without him, Frodo would never had made it as far as he did.  And for the most part he did it unasked.  Sure, Gandalf voluntold him to do it, but he was hiding under that window in the first place.  I like to believe that Sam would have followed Frodo even without the wizard's prodding.  Afterall, he could have not almost drowned himself trying to get to Frodo when the Fellowship split up.
Sam has such a huge heart, and a rare trait to see the good that's out there somewhere in the world.  He doesn't give up. And does everything he can to help Frodo, including carrying the Ring for a while after he thinks Shelob killed him and giving it back because even though he knows the Ring is killing his friend, being without it would be worse.  

And yet, despite his stout heart and loyalty, Sam is a simple man, er hobbit. Which is what I think is his best feature.  He's proof that even simple people can help shape the world, and that's hope for those of us who are as simple and not very important in our communities.  We have potential.  

While younger I always thought it would be amazing to go on an adventure and save the world like Sam, now I just wish I can be as good of a friend as he was.  He never gave up on Frodo, never allowed Frodo to give up, and I hope that one day either myself or my writing can be a similar type of inspiration.

Plus, we both have a fondness for ponies.


  1. Great choice! Sam is so loveable. He's the friend we all need and want. Loyalty is an admirable trait. Nice job!

  2. LOL! I picked Sam today too! He is the best :)

  3. Oh yes, Sam is a popular choice today, and deservedly so :-)

  4. Great choice! Everyone could use a friend like Sam, no doubt. And, I also have a fondness for ponies. :)

  5. 3rd person I've seen pick Sam. Woohoo form Sam. Great post.

  6. I have a confession: I've actually never read/seen Lord of the Rings.

    But I have nominated your blog for an award. Check out my blog and pass it on!

  7. Sam has been one of the most popular characters, and I can see why. That book/movie wouldn't be the same without him. He is such an awesome character. Great choice.

  8. I picked Sam too! Yay for the Sam love! If it wasn't for Sam, Frodo never would have made it up Mount Doom.

  9. I should have picked Sam too so that all the Jen's could hang. I love him though, seriously the best friend ever written. Dear sweet Sam!

    P.S. I can't believe you haven't read the Hunger Games, you are seriously missing out!

  10. @E.R King - Friends are something everyone needs, we'd all be lost without them.

    @Angela - We must be sharing brainwaves.

    @Sarah - What can I say? Sam's an amazing guy.

    @Julie - Who doesn't like ponies?!

    @Jenny - Why thank you!

    @Annalisa - I should say shame on you, but I know several people who have still not seen it even after I bug them. Read the books first, because after you see the movie you'll never be able to read them again.

    @Abby - Totally true, things would have been so different without him.

    @Jen - So many Sam lovers! Am I the only one slightly creeped out that most of use have similar names?

    @Jen B - So many people have told me that. The only reason I haven't yet is because my friend is looking for her copy. But it's been a month...

  11. I think Sam wins the popularity contest on this one. :)
    I'm glad so many peeps can see him as the real hero. LOTR would be very little without his nobility and selflessness. Excellent choice!

  12. Good choice - Sam is obviously a winner.

  13. When Sam says "But I can carry you!" - best bit of the movie, always makes me cry. Brilliant choice for a supporting character because his main identity is that he is so supportive and self sacrificing.