Sep 16, 2011

I'm a thief

Being at my parents for about a month now, I'm going through writing withdrawal.  Sorta.  It only kicked in earlier this week.  I'm painfully aware of how little writing I've been doing, and I think part of the reason is that I no longer attend a writer's group weekly.  It's just too hard, what with not having a regular job to pay for gas to make the 2 hour round trip once a week. 

Is that sad, that I want even a McDonald's job so I can drive to a writer's group? I'm totally a writer at heart.

There is one here, but they only meet monthly and the town gossip tells me the ladies involved and I would most likely not get along.  But I'm still willing to go to one next month (Sept was cancelled due to Labor Day). 

But yeah, more writing needs to be done and I can feel it, sorta similar to how I would feel after skipping a practice in high school and then know I'm unprepared for a game.  It's kinda weird, as I've never really felt this way before, but it's really only been about 18 months since I really considered getting published and this is the first time I've had such a long lull in my life.

I'm reading a lot though, and the other night I was looking over this scene, or rather a sentence, that conveyed such a mood I knew I had to steal it.  So I did (who doesn't? in some fashion), and wrote a quick flash fiction piece that I'm sorta proud of.  But I figure it could be better.

So, I'm combining my efforts to get back into a writing habit and work on rewrites.  I usually just edit, instead of completely redoing things.  Next week, look for a couple versions of the same scene, built around similar ideas.  And probably characters too, for simplicity's sake, but I can't promise they'll all have the same personality.   We'll see how things develop ^_~


  1. I hope you manage to get back into a regular writing schedule that suits you soon, and find a job. I'm looking to and it can be a bit soul-destroying!

  2. Self-discipline can be hard, especially if you've had a weekly 'deadline' to meet. Hopefully that feeling will become a need to write, and you'll be back on track soon. Good luck with the job hunting too.

  3. Sarah - Thanks. Hopefully this well set me back on track.

    Annalisa - Oh, I really do fail at self-discipline. And self-restraint. I go through loads of cookies.

  4. If you're low on funds but still want the accountability I have to say that online writer groups are a fabulous way to get to know other people!!! Self-discipline is rough. I don't write every day, but I am diligent on keeping up with blogging, reading, and writing when I feel the moment strikes. Every has there own style! Good luck!

  5. You know Jen, I was actually thinking about that, but I really don't know of any good ones. Have any to recommend?