Aug 12, 2011

Twas the mix of sugar and salt

This week has been one of those crazy ones where I've been really happy and then really not.  Okay, that's a lie and I'm hardly ever not happy but I was at least mellowed out.

Good things ^_^:

  1. Thanks to this fabulous video series and a late night practice session between volunteering and work (yay~ midnight shift!) I now know how to shuffle. 
  2. I actually made my first dollar through Amazon's affiliate program on my book/movie review site. It isn't a lot, but tis my first and is one step towards a dream! I can't knock that. 
  3. Rebecca is a super dear and awarded me with this, the Liebster Award. It is awesome enough to warrant it's own post, but I'm on such a happy high it'll have to wait until I can put my thoughts in order. (insert mental squealing)
  4. I've been devouring books.  Seriously. I'm almost done with my third this week, it's like I'm in high school again with nothing to do but read books and ignore my homework. And now that I have a Goodreads account I now have several options of snagging a book and have a ton of other titles I have to check out (and have even won a free one, my second this year!).  Not to mention, now that Borders is almost closed (the one near me is set to be gone by the end of Sept) and the sales are good, I can snag some random books and discover wonderful worlds and stories.  Ah, bliss.  The sun, a comfy chair, and a huge pitcher of lemonade. 
  5. I have an insane amount of friends home this month.  One just spent 6 months in Georgia (the country), another was in Oman for 2 months, another in India, and one who lives in Germany is back for a visit.  Yay stories!
  6. Pottermore.  For the hard core geeks.  Of which I am on.
Bad Things ;_; :
  1. Wednesday was my last time meeting with my 826 students, as the summer semester program is over and things don't get going again until late September to give kids the ability to settle back into school without an issue.  It's a bummer, because we were talking about this huge project of putting together a book of all their work, doing the bindings ourselves (glue and the like, not thread, though I have made a couple of books that way) because our low distribution makes it cheaper to do ourselves, that will really get underway come Fall that I won't be here for because
  2. I'm moving :(  In with my parents.  It's kinda out of necessity, as my lease is up, I'm no longer a student and a student co-op isn't where I'm supposed to be, and while my part time job covers all of summer rent and half of fall/winter rent that other half is no longer coming from an edu fund and I don't want to get a job elsewhere and be stuck in a housing contract here.  Home is home, but it's a small town that doesn't even have a public library! And has a very distinct lack of peers to socialize with. Warning: you may find your blogs filled with an over abundance of Jenny!
  3. I can't get a job.  I want to do something with writing and have been applying like crazy (you'd think they were peppermints) to ad agencies to be a copywriter or some type of content producer.  I know Facebook and Twitter, I be a social media manager!  But apparently my experience is not enough and my networking skills suck because it grates against my ideals of doing things myself.  Do I have some type of gig lined up at my parents place? ...No.  I tend to wing a lot of things, but I'm seriously now I think going to create products from my writing injuries blog. And maybe become a substitute teacher.  And maybe turn all my travel blog posts from my time in New Zealand into an e-book.  People like travelogues, don't they?
  4. I need a vacation.  Even just a two day deal and the two I had scheduled for this month have now slipped away.  Bugger.
Right, now I'm off to finish that third book. 

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    1. Hi, sounds like your life is in a state of flux right now. Hope you get things sorted and good luck with the house move. btw I've come via Rebecca's blog. We're sharing an award!