Aug 28, 2011

Identifing as a Writer

I kinda disappeared off Blogger for a while, sorry guys!  And I'm real upset that the Spark blogfest went by without me remembering, as it was sure to be fun to participate.  As it is, real life came and kicked me in the butt.  I moved back to my parent's house (and away from my lovely writing group which is a shame), had to catch up with traveling friends, and visited Chicago twice in a span of nine days.  One for an uncle's 80th birthday party, and another for my godmother/cousin's (Greek families are linked in so many ways) marriage.  My feet are still hurting from all the dancing.

But, as is inevitable when at a function where you're at a table and you only know half of them, the question 'What do you do?' is brought up.  I answered with a very eloquent 'uh...nothing'.  Yay unemployment!

It wasn't until later that it crossed my mind that I could have said 'writer'.  I mean, that does take up a chunk of my free time and it's a strong passion.  But I've never felt confident enough in my skills to call myself that to strangers.  Just family and friends. 

But I caught myself during the actual wedding (which was done mostly in Greek and as I pretty much only know 'how are you?', 'I'm fine', and 'pass the salt' it's hard not to daydream) starting and plotting at least two stories.  And I tend to use my experiences to come up with descriptive phrases all the time.

She felt as awkward as an atheist at a Catholic wedding.

After the exam, he felt as if he just got done with a five hour car ride - lethargic, stiff, and headachy.

The relief that washed over her was physical, as if the dentist had removed a wedge from between two teeth.

Probably not the best, but cues that even while getting a cavity filled I have words on the brain and that certainly should be enough to call me a writer at heart.  Which in turn should make me less shy about admitting it. I mean, I do want to write professionally too (though there is a difference between PR materials and fiction). 'Writer' just connects with fiction in my head, so that might take some getting use to. 

But yup, it's official.  I'm a writer and I don't just do it for a hobby.


  1. Someone once asked me why I didn't tell people I was a writer. I said I didn't like to as I hadn't had anything published and she asked how I was going to convince other people I was a writer if I didn't believe it myself. She was right - but I still don't tell :-)

  2. Sarah - Well, its obvious you tell some people. I'm well aware that you're a writer ^_~ But yeah, I'm still not going to go around announcing it to everyone.

  3. Fair point! I should have specified that I meant random outside people, not my lovely friends on the internet :-)

  4. I find I 'confess' to being a writer. I work very part-time as a gym instructor, so often the question is, "Gasp... what else do you do? gasp...?" After a moment or two, I generally tell people I write, as I HATE the thought of being seen as lazy, as someone who just sits at home watching daytime telly. My vanity and snobbery win out every time.

    And, obviously, you are a writer, that's what you were doing throughout the ceremony. That's it now, though - it's inescapable!!