Jul 12, 2011

Monday Write Ins

One of the things I half learned last month was schedules. As I'm juggling so many different writing projects I've assigned one per day, but on Monday's it doesn't take me that long to write up a book or film review for my media blog (the long part is actually reading/writing something and I hate to admit it, but I've been working on getting through this one novel for a year now).

So, I've dedicated Monday evenings to fiction.

I set up a write-in among friends and we're playing with the idea of a group name. I had originally invited my 826 (well, I want to call them kids as I have a friend who's student teaching and she calls her class 'her kids' but I'm pretty sure my 826 - students? - would object to be called kids) but apparently that's against the rules.  I hadn't really expected them to come, as we start pretty late, but as it turns out there's a policy against volunteers and students interacting outside of 826 events and property.  I can't even friend them on Facebook.

It makes sense in hindsight, but it's still a disappointment.  These guys are great.

But apparently the students were interested in an open write/write-in, so 826 opened their basement staff area for us during the early evening. And then I go directly from there to my other write-in at Starbucks.

It's hours and hours of writing, well, ideally.  I'd be lying if talking isn't part of either group, but I still got a lot done, roughly 1300 on that new dark fiction anthology project I mentioned before.  So, I may be off the MYWYN track but I'm still pounding away at the keys. 

Despite being surrounded by friends and learning the ins and outs of Google+, just being somewhere were we had the collective goal of writing and the accountability of someone peaking around a laptop screen to ask 'how's it going?' is very helpful.

Plus, its a different kinda of writing community.  I'm already part of two critique groups, but their very nature is to be critical (in a good way). With writing writing groups, I can feel the creativity in the air and I have less worries.  I can just...write. Be myself. Or rather, channel a character.  Some of my best writing memories are invading coffee shops during NaNo where everyone is writing (one girl in NZ actually brought a typewriter to write-ins, I loved the atmosphere she added) and contributing names and details to each other's stories and slightly crazed on caffeine.   It's nice to have such a feeling year round, as opposed to just in November.

Now I just have to meet that deadline. 

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