Jul 21, 2011

In order to save money, I had made a New Years Resolution to not buy books this year (outside from school of course).  And then I heard that Borders declared bankruptcy and I had to head over to the store near me and get good deals on books.  

I spent $70 dollar.  Mostly on books I haven't even cracked open yet.

And now that Borders is liquidating, not just closing stores but disappearing I'm scared to see how many books I'll pick up. 

Simply because it'll mean more books on my overflowing bookshelf  XD

It's sad though, seeing it go.  I do buy books online, but those are text books or titles that I want in particular.  For just looking for a new read, it's best to browse the selves. I just love the smell of bookstores, and now I'll have to simply visit all the independent stores here in Ann Arbor instead.  I heard rumors one of them has a fireplace. 
But first, I'll have to get me some new books to read ^_^

Do you guys have any suggestions?


  1. Following the crime festival I've just attended, I have come away with 9 new books and a list of authors I met whose books I now want to read. It's book lovers playground out there and like you I just don't have the hours in the day to read them all!

    What genre of books do you like to read?

  2. Rebecca- I love fantasy and science fiction, but I'm also getting into literary fiction and don't mind non-fiction reading if the subject interests me and the prose isn't weighed down by jargon.