Jul 2, 2011

I just kinda realized June wasn't as bad as I thought it was

So, I figured the first of the month (or near about, as highways don't have Internet) is a good time to list what I did so I feel like I'm getting somewhere.  Accountability and all that jazz.

MYWYN - I'm (painfully?) aware of this challenge and totally not going to make even my original goal of 80 content articles. In fact, I've been so lax on this I'm hesitant to call myself a participate at this time.  I only have 32 articles done ;_;  Doing fiction would have been better, instead of starting new projects almost constantly I feel.  So that's the goal for next year!

But I have developed a writing schedule, kinda, updating all my blogs regularly (well, aside from this one). And after my glorious spelling mistake in my blogspot URL, I did go and by domain name.  Took a while to set it up, but it's all fixed!  You guys shouldn't notice anything different, but my web address is now www.fulfilling-dreams.com

I have submitted a story to a contest, and received two rejections for a fiction piece from magazines. Bummed, but still hopeful, and I'm trying to decided whether to rewrite this piece at all.  How do you tell if a piece just didn't do it for editors/the magazine or it needs serious revision when your beta's give you a green light?

There's a writing project I hopped on, a dark fiction anthology that a few of us on facebook are considering self-publishing and I'm really looking forward to it. Personally, I don't really see it making a lot of money, especially if it has to be split 5 ways or so, but it still think it'll be a wonderful thing to do. Lots of learning!

I've also decided to start a writing group, not to sit around for critiques, but to just sit and write because I've found if I don't specifically put aside time for writing, it doesn't get done.  And I'm not the only one. So it will be nice to have write-ins every week and writers I can bounce ideas off of as they come to me while typing.

On Yahoo!Contributors I did publish a few poems under the pen name Gwen Tolios, and I joined a local Examiner team for online articles.  I signed up to do Science and Space news, but it's really hard to find local stuff and I recently had an article rejected because of my lack of a local connection (which is hard to find in a discussion about single-celled organisms evolving to multi-celled ones in a lab across the country).  I'll have to do it though, because the writers get access to really good deals, like 50% off at restaurants and I can save money on travel too.  Not to mention, they pay by page views instead of ad-clicks. I've been a member for maybe two weeks and have the equivalent earning as on IB since May 1st :/

And now July's here and I'm super excited for fireworks!

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  1. You sound like you've been really busy. I don't know how you've managed to fit it all in!

    The anthology sounds like fun, you'll have to keep us updated - oh, and I bet the domain name thing is a weight off your mind :)