May 25, 2011

Writing Group Accountability

One of the things that keeps me writing consistently on a project, and not flitting between different ones or reading or doing other stuff, is my writing group. 

I absolutely love them.

There's usually about nine or so of us that show up every week, but the group is so large that there are meetings twice a week to fit schedules and not everyone shows up every week either.  I think the mailing list has about 30 names.  But the great thing about meeting with them every week, or one of the great things, is I feel bad if I don't bring in a couple of pages to read.

Many of us are actively working on projects, and part of the enjoyment of group is to get the next part of the story.  Not having that to offer people makes me feel bad, and rather lazy for not churning out a few pages in a week (and having won NaNo for the two past years, I know I can do it). And so a story I might have only picked at on occasions is given regular Jenny time and keeps growing.  I'm up to thirty pages now, 8K I think, on Cows and I wouldn't have come this far without my group.

I mean, yeah, members help improve my writing, but the basics of writing is just sitting your butt down and typing. You can't improve if you don't create, and I love the accountability my group has over me.  Or at least that I mentally assign it to have over me.

Plus, I'm just tickled that two people at the meeting today who haven't heard the first 25 or so pages of my story asked me to send it to them.  I highly admire the fellow authors in this group, and to get such a request made me happy-high my entire time at work. And will most likely continue to do so tomorrow.

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  1. The writing group sounds a very positive thing for you. You're right when you say that we need to get our bums down on the seat and write,so having an incentive like the writing group is great.