Sep 4, 2016

Best Read of August - Jennifer Government

August was a rare, fast reading month for me. Probably cuz my two week road trip consisted of audiobooks and a laptop that quit on me Day 3 so I reached for the books more often. I still think my sister's copy of Queen of Darkness has a few grains of sand between pages.

My fave last month however was Jennifer Government by Max Barry.

Taking place in a much future world, where the world is essentially ruled by corporations, a Nike employee gets duped into a contract to kill a few kids as they walk out of the store to build up a new shoe's street cred. The poor guy gets tangled up in something much bigger when he outsources the job to the police and then Jennifer Government comes rushing in hoping to pin the crime on the VP who came up with the plan.

This book is incredibly complex. There are six characters to follow, all with their own very unique, very developed story lines and they weave between each other so well. And the book is so snarky in how it critiques modern society - this is definitely a satire on how both the government and corporations work.

What I really liked was watching some characters grow while other stay the same. We see writing advice on character development all the time, but seeing a set of characters whose movement was lateral instead of up or down was fascinating to me. Especially as I love how their arcs ended the most.

This book had me rolling my eyes and really interested in the world (last names are the company you work for, 'non-USA' countries and 'USA countries'). A good read if you want something light-hearted and quick.


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