Aug 10, 2016


I'm sitting at a Barnes & Noble (yes, real book stores still do exist. In fact, did you know B&N will now stock indies?) and something within me is settling. Calming. It's been awhile since I've had the time to sit down and focus on my writing career in any capacity.

Work sucked me dry - I was bored out of my mind, realized projects were moving on without me despite my supposed role in them - so I quit when I got an offer for something much better.

And not just any place - one of the companies I applied to a few time in the months after I graduated and gave up on joining their ranks. Pity my new office will face the Trump building downtown. Double pity that my Aug 8th start date got pushed back two weeks.

I also went on a family road trip and realized my anti-social/introvert tendencies have only increased now that I'm going on a year with no roommate. (Me and my cat match - she's the most anti-social creature I've ever seen.) Don't get me wrong, I loved the 6 cities we hit up, but when I withdrew for inner me time I don't appreciate the family poking and prodding me in an effort to stir up conversation.

We did get nice views in Kentucky.

Probably didn't help that on day 2, my laptop battery decided to no longer charge so I couldn't write during the drives and our hotel rooms were so tiny there was no place for me to set up a typing space. Or that I finished my one book half way through the trip and then flipped through the other 7 my family brought, none of them interesting me.

The urge to get writing hit me strong during the trip - I got a response from an editor about Stars who reached out during PitMad. They're passing, which I'm okay with, and I got some wonderful suggestions for a rewrite & resubmit. The comments are gold and now I want to get started on my 3rd draft.

I didn't write much while Stars was being considered, just polished a few short stories that I should start shopping and realized just how differently I approach novels and short stories. But when I got these edits, I got such a homesickness for Ethiopia.

Odd, yes, but almost every night I would curl up in an arm chair while my landlady crocheted across from me while we drink coffee. I missed the regularness of that writing, the hours spend daily typing in the company of someone who I could ask small questions.  Wanting to write, and not being able to due to my stupid laptop, probably just made me more itchy during our two week road trip.

It was cool seeing books from Thomas Jefferson's library at the Library of Congress.

But here I am, sitting at B&N with a new laptop battery that sucks (1 hr life span?! wonder if I bought the wrong one) and while I haven't started on this new round of Stars I still feel soothed. There's coffee here. And books. And readers. A local author doing a signing in the corner.

I've known since last year that I actively need writing, I've posted about that here before, and so it seems right to finally sink back into it. I've got some time before this new job starts. I'm gonna take advantage of it.


  1. Great news all around! So happy for you about the new job, the helpful comments on your novel, and that you now have time and space to write!

    1. Thanks! Hopefully I can get in a grove that lasts for awhile.

  2. Congrats on the new job, and the helpful comments on Stars. I love sitting in book shops too - I agree they are soothing, just the smell of the coffee and the books blending together. Enjoy the next draft :-)