Jun 26, 2016

Being an Adult in Chicago

This past month was a bit of a whirlwind.

I had a friend stay for a full week and it was such a life style change for me. I've been living in my house by myself for close to 6 months at this point, and coming home to see someone at the kitchen table was both strange and thrilling.

Granted, introvert me sometimes found our conversations exhausting. Cuz, regularly talking to people? About serious, personal issues? Bit much.

I mean, sometimes, the only person I talk to during the weekend is the cashier at the grocery store.

Still, I loved it. Having someone in the house, constant company, and just reconnecting with someone I haven't seen in a year.

We explored a lot of Chicago. I need to get out into my city more.

Chicago River and River City towers

Buckingham Fountain and chicago nighttime skyline

Merchandise Mart in Chicago at night

Of course, Brexit was fun. My friend's an expat who is huge into social good and plants her flag for issues regarding racism. Lively discussions - when was the last time I had one of those?

Obviously, writing is pulling me away from socializing opportunities. It might pay off soon though. You guys know BookCon wasn't what I was hoping, but I had some success earlier this month with #PitMad that's making me happy. I have a habit of building castles out of rocks though, so I'm not gonna say anything until I actually have good news and not just hopeful potential. 

Not gonna lie though - knowing that someone likes Stars has made the work I've put into it this spring super worth it. 

Regardless, I've had my ups and downs this month. Finished a freelance project, had to deal with fraudulent charges and the inability to buy anything for a week, reconnected with a friend, got good writing news, didn't get a FT job (again), and now have a cat.

You know ocean buoys, how they just bob with the waves and take what's coming? This month has felt a little like that, but I think I'm getting the hang of adulting now. But which I mean, there is nothing to get a hang of and you just go with whatever lands in your inbox.

Here's hoping it's a lot of opportunities and yeses. 

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  1. Yay for the ups, boo for the downs. Seeing your home through a tourist's eyes can be really fun.