May 7, 2016

One week to go

bookcon logoBookCon is right around the corner and I'm getting nervous. I haven't ordered my business cards yet, I'm still fretting over so minor edits to my MS, my crit group is looking over my query/synopsis things for me and giving feedback tomorrow. I just got a beta back today.

But my whole pack of materials to send out for Stars will only matter if I can pitch to an agent/editor next Saturday and I'm horrible at self-promotion. The last professional review I even had, me not taking credit for things and being more assertive was a thing holding me back.

I am super, super, super nervous.

And not just for trying to launch Stars into the open. If no one asks for the first 50 pages/synopsis, no big deal. I'll do some tweaking and then start electronically submitting. But I also wanna get Sarah J. Maas's autograph and learned earlier today that while the lines to get wristbands  open at 10am, people will be there by 6.  The building doesn't even open till 8!

I think I just leaped into a crazy madhouse for my first writing event. Panels, booths, so many authors I haven't read yet and they're not indies. 42 exhibitors linked to SF. 51 linked to YA. And I wanna hit them alllll up and pitch to them. (so, friend who is coming with me. you'll probably have to go to a lot of panels alone)

Which means I'm also super concerned about what to wear. Something geeky like my Doctor Who shirt? Or something writerly? Regular t-shirt and jeans? Something a bit nicer? OMG will I have time for lunch? Breakfast? (if I'm getting there at 630...that's a 5:45 departure from there a barcon...11pm? 1am home arrival...dinner I think I can do at least) Cash. I'll have to get cash from somewhere, even as I'm now staring at probably a 3k emergency dental bill and little miss me is still a contract/part-time worker.

But books are worth it. Next Saturday will be worth it, even if just one person asks for my query letter.

Still, I'd love your guy's advice. For those of you who have been to writer events, any survival and success tips?


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