May 14, 2016

A View That Lacks Stars - BookCon Prep

I've put all this work into synopses and pitches and query letters and a whole other stuff for 'just in case my dreams came true a publisher/agent is interested' scenarios at BookCon. I figure I should share it here so someone sees it if the other scenario happens. The 'I talked to a ton of people and no one liked it' one.  Thus, here is a portion of my Stars Packet.

Trilutha is a modified human, born with wings to work for Spire on its colonized planet. When Spire’s CFO, Allistar Mar, decides to marry her, no one can stop him. Trilutha becomes a child bride at 15, ripped from all she loves to live on Gibson Space Station.

Colby Apex is brilliant and stifled, cooped up on a space ship with his dad, Jackson. Abusive and paranoid, Jackson keeps a tight leash on Colby who dreams of his 18th birthday when he can finally set off on his own and go to university. Things turn difficult when he realizes his dad may never let him go.

Trilutha and Colby fall into a desperate friendship, haunted by Allistar's past murders of his previous wives and Colby's horrified realization of Trilutha's home life. Just as they take the plunge into love, Colby gives Trilutha a gift that links him to the recent death of someone she knows.  Add in Jackson's orders to kill one of Trilutha's few friends and neither of them no longer knows where they stand with each other.

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