Feb 25, 2016

Drowning in Other Writers

February has been a mini writing slump for me. I mean, I've still been doing things. The Journey had already blocked the month for serious editing of our NaNos, but I've barely touched my own writing.

I had a friend's beta I pushed myself to get through. I had the weekly crits for my writing group (and that takes up a good deal of Saturday). I had (have - Monday's the deadline and haven't started) stuff for The Journey's anthology. And I also need to finish up that workshop on submitting to short story markets that I'm giving on Saturday.

So yes. Still doing a lot of writerly things, but they're just not writerly things for me.

It's starting to show.

Last year, with the stress of grad school, I realized just how much I relay on regular writing time. Me time. Re-energizing time. NaNo, and then keeping up nightly writing sessions with a friend have spoiled me to the point where I now feel antsy and depressed and itchy sooner then I used to without a proper writing session.

I can feel Stars calling my name. I want to edit it, rewrite chapter 8 and add in a new 9. I want to dive into my writing again and create - but I keep twinging away because 1) I still have all these writer deadlines for others over my shoulder 2) it's more editing and what I really want to do is create. I want to feel the words flow. To claim an armchair, curled up with my feet against the armrest, and type away while I slowly sip coffee.

(And dang is that a pang of homesickness for Ethiopia.)

The idea of 'writer retreats' never really sounded interesting to me before now, but today I desperately want one. A small room in a B&B with no wifi. Or maybe a cabin. Where I can write for a weekend. Or at least all day Saturday and Sunday morning. I want to solidify some ideas for stories (a catamite turned unicorn catcher, a priestess's ordination refused by her goddess, sea dragons). I want to immerse myself in my own new worlds and not being able to is driving me mad.

Here's hoping I'll get the chance next month.


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