Jan 23, 2016

The Writing Journey

I know I've mentioned this before, but I'm still impressed with my NaNoWriMo region. Namely because they do things All. Year. Long. Called The Writing Journey this community is seeing plays, publishing anthologies, and just all-around doing writerly things all year.

I find it kinda strange. Sure - I know writers. But it's typically advice through blogs and one-on-one conversations. And things are usually separate and super focused.

Here however, there's different 'paths', all led by volunteers. One girl is doing mini NaNos every month - 10K in 7 days.  Another guy is kicking off an editing challenge in February, complete with word tracker NaNo style for the entire group. Granted, I think he's going to fail spectacularly at trying to edit a whole NaNo in a month, but the simple fact that he's got this complicated excel chart for us to use and people are willing to edit 5 pages a day I think is wonderful. They just published an anthology in December, and already set a rapidly approaching deadline for submissions for the next one. (It'll be the 7th published.)

It's a little overwhelming, but at the same time so rewarding and amazing. Libraries are giving us special use of rooms. Have provided food for Write-Ins and are now buying books for the Shakespear path to use (which, from what people tell me, is them reading a run through and acting the plays in a public atrium). We had people show up today who haven't even heard of NaNo, but had been encouraged to come by a librarian.

164 people. All writers. And different stages too, with experience and skills and industry knowledge.

And of course, I got swept up in it. I'm in charge of the Query Path, which as the name implies is teaching people how to query, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. But I already have people eager for my workshop next month.

It's so odd. I'll bubble all happy about it to my mom or sister on the phone and I can hear that they're more happy for me then happy at this group cuz I think my passion for writing is something that goes above their heads. (Though Mom is always telling me to snag more freelance writing clients. It is wonderful to get paid for writing.) But still, a consistent group of people. There from idea to publishing to marketing. In person. The concept is so new to me it's a little difficult at times to get my head around it.

Between this group and my Seattle accountability buddy, I am stoked for the year.

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  1. What a fantastic group that sounds. It's great when everyone is so motivated and keen, like that. Your query workshop sounds great - definitely an area where everyone wants/needs more info. I agree that non-writers sometimes can't understand our joy over relatively strange things, but I'm really happy for you - and I understand :-)