Aug 11, 2015

Top Ten Authors I've Read The Most Books From

Time for another Top Ten Tuesday courtesy of Broke and the Bookish! (Dang, after not posting for awhile I've been doing a lot lately.)

Right, most of these are authors who have multi-book series that I've gone through several times. I don't actively go through the collection of single novels an author has, though I would like to for Philip K. Dick.

So, in order of recall and not preference (cuz I don't want to go there), and not including all the comics and manga I've read, here's the authors I read the most. My numbers are estimates of how many I've read them, but I can't recall how many rereads I've done of them all so the numbers are loose estimates.

  • Tamora Pierce (26)
    • Love all her Tortall books and have reread most of them. Alanna will always be a personal favorite and I was so happy to see her show up in later series too.
  • Diane Duane (16)
    • The Young Wizards series is hands down my favorite form of magic, it's all about words. Plus, it's a healthy mix of SF and F, by which I mean the characters visit Mars and space stations (and attack cancer) via magic.
  • JK Rowling (14)
    • Nuff said, yeah?
  • Scott Sigler (7)
    • I have fallen in love with his Galactic Football League series. Hilarious, even on rereads. Sports and space, with a dash of inter-species relationships and family drama.He's also one of the few authors I've loved enough to read a publication outside of the genre I found him in.
  • Eoin Colfer (20)
    • He wrote Artemis Fowl, a childhood favorite series that I reread in undergrad when I realized there were new books and then again in Peace Corps after the 8th one came out. And then of course I had to read all his single novels too.
  • Isaac Asimov (5)
    • Only read his stuff once, but enjoyed every minute of it.
  • Gail Carriger (6)
    • Love her Parasol Protectorate series, I actually have every one of them signed by her, and started her newer YA series too. Steampunk fantasy with a bit of sass thrown in, who doesn’t' like that?
  • Susan Cooper (10)
    • She wrote another one of my fav childhood series - the Dark is Rising - that I've not only reread but passed along to my mother. Even when you're 50 apparently, they're a good read the first time through so it's not just nostalgia that brings me back to this series.
  • Anne Bishop (7)
    • She's got her main series (Black Jewels) that I've read twice and a few extra stories too in the same world. Plus a whole bunch of other stuff. I love her world building and she is amazing at making things sexy without crossing lines. Though when I tell people just how old (or rather young) I was when I first read it I get a lot of looks.
  • Lloyd Alexander (10)
    • Another childhood favorite I revisit. He did the Chronicles of Prydain, loosely based on Celtic myths, and they're a big reason why I love that mythology today. And the books are way better than the Disney movie (The Black Cauldron, btw).

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  1. I really should read Asimov - an author I always forget about when I'm stood in a bookshop with money in my hand. Thanks for the memory jog :-)