Aug 31, 2015

I feel drained

August was....meh. Actually, a bit more than meh. It was high and low, stressful and relaxing. A real roller-coaster of a month. I figured it just averages out to meh.

It started with finishing up my Capstone project for school, which was hectic and stressful and not exactly what I wanted it to be but hey when you're consulting it's the client who is boss. And then I, you know, actually graduated and got my Masters.
Graduating in San Francisco
I look so surprised at myself.

And then came a wonderful family vacation to the Redwoods of Northern California, where my sister and I pretended to be raptors hunting the rest of the family and we couldn't help but climb every fallen tree. Plus, a few days in Napa where I got wined out and was quite content to just sit on the pool steps and read a book. And also attacking the back of the hotel room's TV so I could plug in my laptop to do some big screen movie watching.

All amongst this of course, is the worry of me moving and the adult stuff that comes with it for the first time. I need to buy a car? And health insurance? And figure out how to get stuff from Detroit to Chicago (after flying from San Francisco, and figuring out what to bring from SF cuz I only get two suitcases), or should I just buy new/Craigslist from there? And where the F am I gonna work cuz I just got two rejections today and had a mini interview where the HR rep couldn't even tell me the details of the position. RAWR!

And now, I'm sitting in my room that isn't mine. Because while my new roomies won't actually themselves be here for a bit yet, all their stuff is here. The room I've had to myself for a month (aside from when we rented it to Airbnb peeps for the money cuz we lost a roomie) is now full of other people's stuff and I'm regulated to a corner.

It's always awkward when your replacement moves in two weeks before you move out. :/  The bathroom is gonna be a mess and I wont' be able to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer in peace.

At this point, I'm looking forward to moving for my own space. And cuz, really, being a Mid-West girl who hasn't been there for 3 years means I miss things. A proper Fall, snow to throw at people, complaining about the cold, watching thunderstorms roll in. It's still really scary cuz there's no job waiting for me, but I'll have friends and family which makes this a much easier move than Ethiopia.

Plus, I have a mini project. My local writers meet-up of Shut Up & Write is going National and I'm gonna start it up in the Chicago area. Fingers crossed!

So yeah, I'm sitting here at home lamenting over life a little, but also am a little excited for the next thing. I just wish my apartment wasn't so crowded.


  1. New beginnings are so full of excitement and fear, but it's good you sound so positive. And - I'm not sure if you blogged about it before and I congratulated you before - but congratulations on the Masters :-) :-)

    1. Aww, thank you. And yeah, I've had several new beginnings at this point so this mix of excitement and fear is something I'm an old pro at and feel the excitement more. Also, I will get around to that blog post. I have it pretty much planned in my head. I just need to actually type it out.