Jul 27, 2015

Up & Coming

Ug. I've been absent for the past two weeks. Things have been a bit crazy - my last 6 weeks at school I'm working as a consultant for an Action Project and that takes up time. (projects move so much slower in the real world) And with graduation around the corner it's a frenzy putting together a post-school plan. No job yet, but I already know where I'm moving to. I'm just hoping one of my 100 applications leads to a job.

Hopefully, next Friday I can have a bit of fiction up for you guys. I miss writing them - they're a good break from my other projects.
Editing a paper copy of a manuscript at a Shut Up & Write meeting at Borderland's Cafe in the Mission..
Such projects have been progressing, even if this blog has been quiet. I started seriously editing my WIP and polished a short story before submitting it to a new magazine. Fingers crossed on that one.

Additionally, you guys have probably noted the new look of the blog. I had changed it for analytic purposes, but I also wanted to introduce it with a look at my WIP. I mentioned Spire briefly during the A-Z Challenge, but now that it's a serious project and I'm getting into editing I wanted to share more about it. 

This is, after all, an author blog. I need to do more then share my current reads, I should share more of my author life too. So much for doing that in July though

Can't promise anymore posts for July, but I'm hoping with August to start a series of posts about my WIP - characters, world-building, where the idea came from, that sort of thing. Just to keep you all informed while I'm chewing on my red pen.


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