Jul 7, 2015

Top Ten Hyped Books I've Never Read

 First off, those of you new here this site is in the midst of a redesign. I apologize for the mess.  Today is a Top Ten Tuesday from Broke and Bookish!  (note to self- change the coding to make links visible)

This week's theme is never-read hyped books, which I guess could be taken as media hyped books. But instead I took it as books hyped up by my social circle, specifically book recommendation that I get often. They're from the same person who pushes them hard (looking at you sis) or books that I heard of from multiple sources. It's one of the problems with friends who are readers - you share recommendations all the time but sadly can't get around to them all.

 As you can probably tell, most of whom I hang out with are genre nuts. And since the books can look a bit small in a collage - here's a full out list.

  • Ender's Game - my sis actually yelled at me when I told her about this list and gave me a month and a half to read it.
  • Percy Jackson series - rec'ed by many people and since I *am* Greek, figure it'd be good to read something based on that mythology.
  • Dune - classic SF I hear a lot about, in both reference to writing and sf as a genre. Though I doubt I'd ever read it. It comes from a different writing time that I usually avoid.
  • Throne of Glass series -sis raves about this, and I've seen it on a lot of other Top Ten lists for summer reads
  • Patricia Brigg's werewolf books - rec'ed by my sis AND my mom (which is rare), but it's also brought up from time to time in werewolf and genre discussions
  • Guns, Germs, and Steel - First head about this from an AP World teacher, and then from a fellow RPCV. It relates 1) a lot to the ever popular PCV talks of 'why is Ethiopia the way it is' and 2) a historical basis for world building which I love.
  • American Gods - pretty much everyone I know is shocked I haven't read a Neil Gaiman book. At this point, it's kinda a game between me and my friends, but I should hunker down and actually read one. This one is just the first in line on my Kindle.
  • Reading Lolita in Tehran - a mom rec, as well as a few RPCVs.
  • Mistborn - This one actually came up at my Shut Up & Write meet-up last week. But it's also on my bookshelf in Detroit. And mentioned from time to time on the Writing Excuses podcast (in no small part cuz the author is one of the hosts).
  • Wheel of Time - ug, who isn't aware of this beast? I have a friend who's been a fan since high school, but like Dune I'll probably never actually get around to reading it. And for bonus, I'd have to say Outlander falls in that category too.


  1. I've only actually heard of three of these :-/ I have no idea what that means about my reading tastes.

    1. I'm sure if you did a similar list, I wouldn't know your either.

  2. I have all the PJ books but have yet to read them. I am interested to see what they're like.

    Throne of Glass is another one that I have on my shelf that I need to get around too.

  3. I really want to read The Throne of Glass series too!! Everyone talks about it and it just looks so good! :D

    1. That's why I'm willing to give Throne of Glass a try, cuz it's hyped with good reviews by a lot of people with similar tastes to mine.