Jul 10, 2015


I couldn't find an artist on deviantArt willing to let me use their image in time for this week's bit of fiction, so here something I can only do once because I have a limited porfolio. I bring you my own bit of magic!

Dang, that photography class in undergrad was so long ago. T.T

Fairy on a pipe in a forest.
Original upload location by yours truly

They had heard stories of her. Rumors so crazy they had dismissed it as the result of a child's imaginative tale. But the story never went away. Ideas of her stayed for years and years.

Until the day they met the story in real life.

The flock had woken up only recently, stirring from underneath the leaves of last fall by the local children's ritual building of faerie homes. They had been doing a sweep of their territory, seeing the changes brought by Winter. And then there she was.

It had small black wings and didn't use them to fly, just like the stories said, and instead moved on the ground. The stories also mentioned it being the size of a human child, but the faerie in front of them was the size of an adult.

It spotted them, sending the entire flock buzzing with excitement, and stood up slowly.

It was a she.


This faerie had abandoned the mystic duality of nature. It had chosen one side over another. It was a single individual, not a cluster of all.

It was an abomination.

The flock scattered, the first time ever, in it's rush to fly away. 

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