Jul 3, 2015

A Different Treasure

A women covered in flowers.

Nova63's At the end of a Rainbow, used with permission.

Leprechauns are tricky little fellows. They hide their gold at the end of the rainbow. And then only let it be seen in certain circumstances. And you can't just follow the rainbow to the pot, oh no, it's booby-trapped so you gotta catch the leprechaun first to learn how to get past the trap. And then you have a limited time to get to that pot of gold.

It's not an easy feat, and I'm speaking from experience, but it's all for naught because I'm not staring at my pot of glittering gold coins. No, I'm staring a woman in an effing flower dress.

"Where's the treasure?" I ask.

"You outwitted my protector and raced against time along the rainbow for the prize at it's end. That is me. I am your treasure."

"No, you're not. The legend says I'm supposed to find a pot of gold."

"I have a heard of gold. I am your prize."

"You effing aren't. I need gold, not a woman."

I shove her aside, not caring she trips over her flower train. Figures. Leprechauns are tricky not only in protecting things but also in spreading false rumors. There's nothing here.

I turn around to find the woman holding out a golden rose. There's a gap on the left side of her dress from where she plucked it. "I am your prize. And even if you won't take me away now, I am forever yours. My heart of gold now belongs to you."

She fades from view, the rainbow disappearing, and the rose drops to the ground. It's a real one, not gold, sadly. But I've never seen a gold rose before. Maybe I can sell it and it's kin online as a high priced flower for cash. It's no pot of gold, but it's the best I'm going to get.

I pick it up, swearing and kicking at the grass while I go.


  1. This made me smile. It's a good illustration of how a lot of people think these days. The whole "I want!" attitude. Sometimes we fail to look beyond out own expectations.

    1. I'm glad you caught on to that! St. Patrick's Day, at least the American version, always seemed a bit selfish to me. And many times, I do feel like people are blinded by what they hope to see.