Jun 26, 2015

We are limitless.

Girl in the light of the moon talking to a fairy.
Thanks to Nova63 on dA for allowing me to use his piece Starlight!

Before we are born, before we are forced into a single body and a single life, we can feel the connection of every particle to eachother. We understand the connection between grass and stars, asteroids and helium. We are everything. We are nothing.

I am one of the rare beings of starlight left. I have only ever been starlight and will most likely always be starlight because of the benefits of my body. Fast travel, easy to see. And being both a particle and wave on top of my connection to the universe, I have a small scale personal example of being multiple things to fall back on while doing my job.

Like I said, before we are born we are in a sense of connection with everything. When we die, or rather when others die for I never have, they are thrown back into that sense of awareness. It is startling, no, frightening, to realize you will never had what you just did again and at the same time learn that what you miss so much is so insignificant.

My job is to console them when they first die, something I am still learning how to do properly. My job is also to help them understand the sudden change to being both human and plant, rock and pulsar. This I am better at. I have always been connected to the world and the idea of only emotional connections I will never understand.

I am starlight. I am limitless.


We are starlight. We are limitless.


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