Jun 4, 2015

I can't resist summer reading programs.

Last night, I lit my candle, opened my Kindle while I was in bed, and got a whole three pages in before giving in to sleep.

Things are crazy this month! But I'm hoping things will be easier once I get into a routine.

See, I'm trying to be super organized. I pulled out my handy agenda and wrote down for the entire month all the weekly/daily regular tasks I want to complete. You know - network, apply to jobs, crit on CC, write, the 30day fitness challenge, school work, and stuff for a regular blogging schedule. Cuz, you know, I sorta manage three now? I'm absolutely crazy. Where am I gonna find time for semi-regular posts here, 2x weekly for my marketing plan blog, and then again 2x on a mythology blog I set up for a class?
Pink agenda with month long to-do list for daily tasks.
It's tough. It's just past 2pm while I'm writing this and I'm almost done with my tasks just for today. And that's only possible because I don't have to work today and class doesn't start till 5pm.

Sorry, sorry. Had to whine just a bit cuz, man, I'm a little thin right now and I don't see it ending sometime soon. But on the other hand, I have not felt so productive or constructive in awhile. Outside of writing sessions, of course. I'm doing stuff. I'm getting it done.

Anywho. Went to the library earlier this week to return some books, check out new ones I probably don't have time to read, and had to join the Summer Reading Program. It's been awhile since I've done them, I've always associated them with children and teen programs, but there's a part of the program just for adults. A specific part of the website, different goals, different prizes (ooo, museum tickets!).

It sucked me in. I spent two hours late at night creating my avatar, earning badges by taking quizzes, leaving reviews, and adding quotes. It's fun, in a crazy sort of way, but June is shaping up to be that sort of month this year.

Any of you guys doing Summer Reading Programs?


  1. An adult reading programme is a great idea, but the libraries around here only do them for kids. I've got enough books in my TBR list though, so perhaps I can give myself rewards - like wine and chocolate :-)

    Good luck with all your things to do!

  2. Wine and chocolate are great rewards!