May 10, 2015

I'm glad that's done


Not gonna lie, I'm a bit happy that A-Z is over because it ate up a lot, and I mean a lot of time. All such things social do, which is why doing social media (facebook, twitter, tumblr, and google+ ^_~) for this blog also kills me, but I'm happy to be back to my regularly scheduled blogging.

Sorta, I was never super regular.

I did however miss a review post for my best read of April. So you're getting that now.  And I'll start up again with biweekly drabbles based on dA artists' works next week.  It's good writing exercise for me ^_^

Best Read of April -Ultimate Spider-Man

I spent most of April checking out my libraries newer Ultimate Comics's Spider-Man. The one staring Miles Morales. Aka the Black Spider-man. He got a lot of press when he first came out, and I can see why.  Bendis and Pichelli do an ama~zing job writing Miles. I love how he's not just a 'black spider-man', but how the different background that comes with a different ethnicity is incorporated into the character.

Plus, this fit in with the Peter Parker line well. This isn't a reboot of the super-hero, this is a continuation of the Ultimate Comic line that started many, many years ago. 2009, I think.  Peter will always be the original Spider-Man (and when the hero shows up in the MCU it'll be Parker), so how Miles takes over from him is nicely done.  Dramatic, but nicely done.

Miles, at the beginning of his story, gets the familiar spider bite. But he gets it because his uncle, a thief, accidentally brought it back from his foray into Oz corp. And while Peter is always young, he gets his powers in high school, Miles is even younger.  He doesn't have the weight of Ben Parker's death on his shoulders, instead its his family's hopes of success since he won the lottery to attend a magnet school. 

Miles problems are unique - avoid the pitfalls of his family's history, living up the mantle of Spider-Man while reminding the Ultimates of someone they did wrong by, teaching himself chemistry to make webs, and of course figure out how to balance school, life, and new powers.  There's something about his voice however, how easily he accepts his burdens and sees the seriousness of them while at the same time freaking out like a kid just learning he is capable of amazing things, that drew me in from the beginning. I had to check out the next volume, because I was as drawn into this as any other story.  I can't wait for the next one. I've already placed a hold and now just have to wait for the library to buy a copy.


  1. I've never been a fan of Spiderman - maybe I would be if I read the comics, but I've got everything from TV, cartoons and film.

  2. Personally, Miles was actually my first foray into the comic world of Spider-man. But I watched the superhero cartoons of the 90s a lot. And he's not my fav, I always enjoyed watching the X-men. I'll get there eventually. There's just so many comics.....

  3. To me the A to Z now feels soooo far away. May flew by in a flurry of 'non-A to Z' activity for me. I'm pretty happy it's June now. Hoping for a slightly less insane month!