Apr 18, 2015

P is for Persephone

We return to Firefly today. Persephone however has seen more action in the show. It's a common touch down point for the crew to resupply and pick up a job.

Captain Malcom Reynolds has Serenity land on Persephone early on in the series, a planet ruled by the Union of Allied Planets but close to the border worlds so there is a huge divide between classes that Persephone becomes famous for. Most importantly, it's the place where Mal picks up a few characters. That is, Simon and River Tam, Shepherd Book, and Lawrence Dobson.

This is where the crew of Serenity for the show comes together. And what a crew it is.


  1. ?!!! your getting better and better at this :P (where do you get these pics?)

    1. I find them on tumblr. Cuz tumblr is amazing.

  2. I don't know, that is a very cute picture! You could have used Pluto, since the powers that be don't consider it a planet any more. Sorry if you are having issues with Blogger during the A to Z. But hang in there! We are on the downhill side now!

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    1. This week was totally a blogger issue, but it's fixed now. And while, yes, Pluto is no longer a planet doesn't actually exist so it's lightyears ahead of others I've featured.

  3. Ah, I'm off on another Firefly reverie now... Thank you :-)

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  4. What a crew indeed! :) I am all nostalgic all over again... :D

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  5. Just think, if they hadn't cancelled the show there's so much of the planet they could have explored and had adventures on. *pout*

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