Mar 3, 2015

I think I'm stress reading

This week has started finals' season. We presented our first project today (a lovely prototype of a bike first aid kit that involved many hours of sewing and poking my fingers) and filmed most of a commercial for our second project. We still have to create 8 advertisements, a year long PR campaign, a mini commercial analysis project, study for an exam, and structure a presentation that's got me really worried. Because, you know, we're actually presenting to ad excs and the prof has mentioned in the past this presentation has led to job offers and money for the campaign idea. Like over a thousand dollars. And even if I split that with my teammates that's a chunk of my student loan I can pay off.  ^_^

This all means, of course, that I should, you know, actually work on this stuff when I'm home at night.

But instead I've found myself re-reading manga.

Manga, as in Japanese comics, that I used to read all the time in high school and would check weekly for updates.

Manga, that I really shouldn't be reading right now. Especially not Hana Kimi, because it's 19 years old and this is my third time reading it. I know the story (a girl moves to Japan to enroll in the same school as her idol, but since he goes to an all boys school she has to hide her gender) and I really don't get any new insight reading it.

Which makes me wonder if this is my way of dealing with stress. Who needs to eat tubs of ice cream? I'm just gonna find old manga I used to enjoy and reread them (Hana Kimi is actually the second one this week, though this one will take longer than five days to finish) to push away my problems until deadlines are tapping me on the shoulder.  Stress reading is probably a much healthier habit (though it does have me staying up till 2am reading repeatedly....) though I do have to wonder why I'm stress reading manga.

I have books on my shelf and in my kindle. Why aren't I reading those?

Gah. I don't think I'll ever be able to fully understand myself, but manga is something I have a habit of going back and rereading. I've read several manga series multiple times, probably at a higher ratio than I've gone back and reread books now that I think about it. And I'm gonna peg it all on the visuals, because that's what books lack and manga/comcis really do a wonderful job of using art to tell a story.

I just wish, you know, I'd read it at an appropriate time. break coming up. After finals.

*sigh* I never listen to myself.

But I'm curious, any of you stress read? Or have something you've gone back and reread multiple times without knowing why?


  1. I guess there could be worse things then stress-reading! :)

    1. Very true. At least I'm not pulling out my hair.

  2. Stress reading sounds much more healthy than eating tubs of ice-cream!

    I often re-read books I'm familiar with - I like the comfort factor, I suppose, which might be the same for you at the moment.

    Oh, and by the way... DO SOME WORK!! :-) I just thought you might need to hear that!

    1. I'm working, I'm working! One ad is now done ^_^

      But for comfort, I do like rereading old books. I went through a ton I read as a teen again when I was in Ethiopia.