Feb 13, 2015

Oculus Potentia

Vril Energy Weapon by Zarono

Eyes. Eyes. There's something about eyes. They stare and stare, from people from buildings from above. They stare and stare, looking at me, in me, judging me. There is power in that gaze, power I do not like because it is power. Power corrupts, power hurts, power is what has separated me from all that I have known and left me here. Power is something I do not have.

I have eyes, I see, but I only see the sand around me. The sand, the pyramids, the skulls, the junk about me. I see the things, only the things. I cannot see into their souls, my gaze does not burn with power and make others do as I wish. I see, but I cannot command because I have no power.

I need it. I need the power. I have places to be, things to do, but I have no power because my eyes are useless. I need the eyes of others. Many others. I will take their eyes and make them a weapon of power. Eyes from above, from the buildings, from the skulls. I will make a weapon of power, of enormous power because it will contain many eyes.

And when I use it to gaze at someone, I will get what I want.

Well, it's been awhile since I've kept up with Friday Fiction, but I now have a lovely new app on my phone that yells at me every 90 minutes once a week until I do things so I've been moderately more up to date with actually doing regularly scheduled stuff. Like weekly posts. And not paying bills on the last day. Yay! It might say something about my current mental status this week too that I wrote from the POV of a crazy man.

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  1. My eyes were 20/15 up until I turned 50...and now I can't read without glasses and in low light everything is blurry. As an avid reader, the eyes are such a big part of my life.

    Great piece! :)