Dec 5, 2014

Twin Problems

This is the last piece of inspiration art by Viko, many thanks for him for allowing me to use his images! And if you guys want to see more, check out his art page.

Mee-ya huffed and stormed out of the hanger.  She supposed is was a logical error, impounding her ship because the hanger guards thought it was owned by a wanted smuggler. The JS-Hunters were common for smugglers to use, lots of empty space between the frame and operating areas made it ideal for a few hacks. Plus, smugglers tended to use dull, solid paint jobs to not stand out.

Still, it wasn't Mee-ya's fault that she didn't have the money to redo her shiny, tri-colored paint job and that the gray of the base metal was the most prominent color. It wasn't her fault she only had a Hunter because it had been cheap, and even then she had had to spend a lot of credit to turn it from a scrap heap into a moving scrap heap. And it also wasn't her fault that she was the twin sister of the most wanted smuggler in the inner solar system. 

Though, to her credit, she could maybe start to grow out her hair and alter her tattoo to not look so much like Lee-ma.


Mee-ya looked up from the ground to the staff member in front of her.

"We managed to reach the tow ship, your Hunter should be back here in half an hour. You'll have to pay for the tow, but to show how sorry we are for your troubles the city will not charge you for parking next month." 

She double tapped the neck of her suit and the time flashed in front of her eyes. It would be cutting it close, but Mee-ya figured she still be able to take her regular commuters to the Moon for the work day.

With a sigh, Mee-ya nodded at the worker and he scurried off. It was so hard to be the better daughter.


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