Dec 1, 2014

NaNo recap

Since it's officially December 1st, and I'm a writer, I feel like I have to write about NaNo.

I didn't win.

But well, I'm okay with that. I didn't expect it to happen anyway, for a variety of reasons. I still hosted a weekly write in at a local cafe and meet some cool people. I still created an idea, that I may or may not continue. I feel like I should seriously try my hand at this editing thing. You know, not just planning my novel edits but carrying them out.

Once A View That Lacks Stars finishes going through the queues at CC, I'll really have to focus on it because it's my first novel that I feel comfortable enough with to polish and start submitting.

And I should actually probably tell you guys more about that project, cuz I think it's awesome. But I'll do that later.

For those who won NaNo this year, super congratulations! For those who didn't, you're still ahead of where you were a month ago. If you didn't participate, I hope you had a happy November anyway and if you have no idea what I'm talking about then please just ignore me.


  1. Did you find your idea for NaNo intriguing enough, or do you feel a bit 'meh' about it? I of course usually have 'meh' moments even if I adored the idea to begin with. But it does help to be in love with your idea. ;)

    1. Eh, between intriguing and meh I'd say. It's for sure something to return to,maybe after I figure out what version on a plot works better.