Dec 9, 2014

Give Me A Christmas List

I can hear Santa's sleigh bells coming. Or maybe it's just the people asking subtly 'what do you want?'. To which the answer is, of course, Starbucks gift cards and books.  And maybe premium hot chocolate mix.

As it is, I missed a lot of stuff this year and am not entirely sure what *recent* books to put on my gift list.  I'm hoping you guys can help with that.

And because readers can't just single one book out - what are the top three books you guys have read this year that I can consider adding to my list?


  1. I love book gift cards, because I love browsing book shops almost as much as I love reading the books I buy. I'm a bit freaky in that I tend to stay away from books people are talking about until they've stopped talking about them!

    1. I do love browsing, but I've heard from a couple of sources its a good idea to stay on top of current trends by reading new releases. I already have a browsing list, now I just need the other.