Nov 7, 2014


Art by Rubens-Oscroft

Satcha paused in trying to haggle down the price of the clock, staring at the eggs that had hit Franket's hat. She knew it was simply the children saying hello to the traveling merchant, but if they had just waited five minutes the deal would have been done.

Franket, to his credit, smiled towards the children and then continued to gush about the metal casing. Taking the cue, Satcha ignored the yolk dripping onto his face and made a comment about the scratched glass surface.

Another three eggs hit Franket's metal hat, making it sway, and then the fourth finished the deal by knocking it off entirely. Taking Franket's head with it.

Satcha cut off her sentence, but Franket kept right on talking. It was then Satcha realized the merchant had two heads - the one attached to the hat and twitching on the ground and the one attached to his neck that looked like a frog.

"I promise you, this is a high quality..." Franket trailed off as he realized Satcha's stillness and suddenly felt the lack of weight on his head. He had paid most of his profits from last year for it, just to be able to fit in with the desert tribes. Those of the sand refused to deal with those who came from places with lots of water.

Satcha turned on her heels, leaving Franket to pick up his head hat and leave town as quickly as possible.


Heads up guys, as part of NaNo and an on going effort to bring in readers, I'm now starting Fiction Fridays! Expect a short piece every week, inspired by artists whose work I'm using under a Creative Commons License.

This week is a piece called Pelters by Rubens-Oscroft.


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