Oct 19, 2014

My depressing book revelation

Last night was Lit Crawl. It's part of Lit Quake, a literary week here in town. Last night, over 100 venders on a street opened their doors to authors. There were poetry readings in resale furniture shops, a science fiction talk in an eye ware boutique, intros to local writers in bars. There was so much to do and see I couldn't get to everything. But I did find out San Francisco has a 826 which is awesome. 

But what really stuck with me about last night was walking into a bookstore and feeling depressed. First time that's ever happened.

See, I've always loved browsing titles and buying books even when I know I have three at home already that I'm going through. I always knew I'd get there eventually.  But staring at all the books in a SFF specialized place, I couldn't help but think If I couldn't read all the books that captured my attention in Peace Corps, where I had tons and tons of time to read, how can I possibly read everything I want to? Look at all this interesting stuff!

I guess it just suddenly hit me that I'll never, never be able to read all the books that I want to. Those titles people recommend or those interesting finds in cafe dollar bins. The classics people talk about and the new releases you see around the blogosphere.

I need to either figure out how to stop time or get my hands on a time turner.

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  1. I have the same thoughts, sometimes. I watch my GoodReads list filling up, but I probably won't ever read everything on there :-( A time turner would be so cool.