Oct 14, 2014

Editing style for crit group submissions

I love the critiques I get from Critique Circle. I get views from different types of readers and so can get an idea of what's a common issue and what's a personal one.

A common one is my prose. I use a lot of perfect tenses and people are saying that's distancing them from the action. I get that. It will be part of my edits for this project. But what I'm not sure about is when to do that. CC works on a per chapter bases, like many in person groups, and I don't know if I should edit the prose on a per chapter basis before the next week or wait until the entire finished WIP has gone through the process.

Edit as a whole, or by parts based on comments from the first half?

I'm leaning towards the former, cuz I think it's less work. Wouldn't do to prose/paragraph edit a chapter if readers tell me the majority of it has to scraped or retold from a different POV.

But I'm curious, how do you guys do it? 


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