Oct 2, 2014

DiSC Assessments & Harry Potter

I'm taking a class on team skills and yesterday we went over DiSC assessments. You know, a personality survey that's focused on understanding how you behave in a work environment. Specifically in a team and the right and wrong way to communicate with you.

The class split up into groups by high ranking, we talked about what it meant and how interact with others, and then sat down to what I expected to be a boring lecture about on how to understand what our results meant.

Except there were pictures and photos. A red lion. A blue wise owl. And I totally realized my grad school had just paid a bunch of money for us all to place the Sorting Hat on our heads. Because the red Ds are the talkative direct ones.  And the blue Cs are analytical.  And the green Ss are the silent supporters to who are patient and cling to tradition. And the yellow Is are friendly and trustworthy.

I'm proud to say, just like any other Hogwarts quiz, I'm a Ravenclaw.

I couldn't help but look at the powerpoint though and think how amazing it was that Hogwarts houses fit so well with different types of working styles. I don't know if JK Rowling did it deliberately, but just for future stories I think it would be fun to base characters off of real survey results from this test or others. (Myer-Briggs. MMT. NEO personality inventory. Porter's Relationship Awareness Theory.)

Has anyone done this? Did you like it? Or maybe more importantly, did it work?


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