Sep 4, 2014

Writing Apps

I am now in possession of a smartphone. And surprisingly, it's giving me more time to write because when I'm on Pinterest or Facebook on my phone I'm less inclined to click random links. This means I'm off the site quicker, don't feel a need to use my laptop to check out such places, and Open Office starts giving off a mental glow so my stories are again at the forefront of my mind when I open my computer.

However, my laptop will not be coming to class with me. And maybe I'll want to do a little writing waiting between them or on the bus.

The Register
So I'm hoping you guys can recommend some writing apps for me. What do you use? For what? And if you don't actually use any writing apps, have you at least heard of some I can look into?

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  1. I end up checking email on my smartphone but find replying is too fiddly, so I have to login on my laptop anyway! I've never tried any writing apps though, so hopefully someone with more techie knowledge can help you :-)