Jun 17, 2014

I'm a horrible new cat owner

Mainly cuz I haven't bombarded you guys with pictures yet ^_^

So I have to fix that.

 This is Toothless, fresh from bringing her home. Poor little thing couldn't stop crying.

Now though, she gets into everything. She loves climbing onto my lap when I'm trying to have coffee or dinner.
 Toothless also insists on sampling my dishes before I wash them. I know she likes eggs, but really. Oh well, I get to amuse myself by sprinkling water at her.
 Not even three months old and she's already climbing trees. I was a bit worried she'd be stuck there, but while have that conversation with Dani suddenly there was a 'meow' by our feet and there was Toothless. No idea how she got down, but I'm glad she did!
I'm starting to go through my things here and pack and Toothless had to help me out. Getting underfoot and curling up on the bubble wrap, attacking my feet. Gah. 

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  1. Aw, she's gorgeous. Cats up trees scare me, but they always manage to find their way down