Jun 8, 2014

Best read of May - Arwen:Regal by Timothy P. Callahan

It might be more appropriate to call this my best listen of the month, cuz this book is an audiobook I got through iTunes. Best thing ever for a 6+ hour drive. At least until your seat mate on the bus keeps trying to have a conversation during the finial space battle.

The book starts out with Captain Margery Cook visiting her commander after a mission that left her ship, the Arwen, in bad repair.  She's not expecting a happy conversation, but instead is given a mission that specifically calls for her ship and told this is a chance for her to redeem herself. Apparently there's a comet the size of a moon heading towards the planet Regal, and it's her mission to prevent that collision.

Of course, there's problems. A fringe religious group sees the comet as the End of Days and doesn't want it stopped.  The planet itself is home to two warring races. And the scientists on the Arwen are quite convinced it's the strangest comet they have ever seen.

As the book went along I couldn't help but compare it to Star Trek. There's action everywhere, and plausible science, and inter-species relationships.  Not to mention a soundtrack.  Having music in your ear while the narrator is describing the Arwen's preparations to enter wormhole space just makes everything cooler.

It took about two chapters for me to really get into the story, but once I was in I was in. There's seven books. I downloaded them all. (Which I must say, is an aggressive and obsessive thing with the way Internet is here. It's watch download bars or open e-mails.)


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